Meet the Gems

Three blessed gems is a small family owned jewelry store in the heart of Main Street Estes park Colorado at 184 E Elkhorn avenue Unit F Estes park Colorado 80517. Our family consists of a mom (Lisa) and two daughters (Nicole and Taylor, thus making us three blessed gems) and our dad who is more involved than he admits (lance, we like to call him the geode of the three blessed gems team). We try our hardest to create a unique boutique buying experience that will leave you feeling awesome about your purchase. We will ALWAYS back our product so if you ever have a problem just give us a call and we will work our hardest to resolve whatever you may encounter. We embarked on this dream of ours in the summer of 2015 and have been rockin and rollin ever since. One aspect of our unique experience is we are huge believers in the healing property of stones. So every customer who makes a purchase with us will get a free blessed gem that is hand blessed by our shaman for healing and happiness (because we can all use a little bit more in our lives). This is unapologetically us and if you ever have any questions feel free to contact us at 


or reach us at email

Happy shopping!