Clear Quartz Gem Essence Soap

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-Cleanse yourself with beautiful Clear Quartz, which is known as the “Universal Stone”. It enhances Universal energy by balancing it. Therefore it is great at balancing and harmonizing your environment. It is used for healing and protection.

-Not only does the soap have a beautiful Clear Quartz stone, it is also made with Clear Quartz Gem Essence. Therefore you are washing yourself with the properties of Clear Quartz.

-Gem Essences contains vibrations or energy imprint of a crystal.

-Chakra: Crown and All Chakras 

-Ingredients: Glycerin Base, Mica Powder, Mint and Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Clear Quartz Gem Essence, Clear Quartz Gemstone.

-Use externally only and do not ingest. Raw natural gemstones my contain rough or sharpe edges, use caution when using soap.